So you want a writer with ideas?

Writing ads? Now, there's a thought!

Once upon a time ads were the things that brought many people into the agency business. The cash cows you could always rely on to moo.

TV's Mad Men captured the spirit. Yet that was then. What relevance do they have in the age of Twitter and You Tube?

Plenty! People still read newspapers. And watch TV, or turn on the radio in the car. In fact, with today's traffic many of us spend more time listening now than ever.

It all means that ads still matter. Like Mark Twain, rumours of their death have been somewhat exaggerated. 

In truth, I love to write ads. And conceive ideas, either on my own or with an Art Director.

They're still the blue riband of the copywriting business.

Whether branding or direct response, ads are my forte. As I hope this page proves.

Bluerow Lettings - see the movie, read the ad

Regional Railways - its tons more fun by train

MSI - Xperiment with your children
Commonwealth games - Putting Manchester on the map
Everton FC - Get your kit on!
Tidy Britain - Cleaning up the country
Mercedes Benz - You wait ages for a bus. Then 3 come at once

Kellogg's - A campaign that squares