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Here you'll find a full range of copywriting samples - direct marketing and brand building, B2B and B2C, consumer, technical and financial, offline and online.

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Websites & SEO


Lemon Tree Management Training Consultancy - training the trainers 


ADM Creative - it's the content that cuts the edge



Robertson Cooper - restoring wellbeing in the workplace


GLW Electrical - putting some spark into a brand


Central Place
Cathedral View
Regional Railways
Hewlett Packard 3 Houses on the Park
The Jolly Mariner

Press Features

Total Jobs - online feature to counter the recession in recruitment
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine - magazine feature
BNFL - editorial approach for vital national press public information campaign
Spire Murrayfield - 4 page press feature
Pressure Tech regulators - eye-catching press release and feature
Castle Homes - press feature introducing new product
Coldseal - press release featuring innovative new product

Technical Copywriting

Intel - Putting the distributors in the picture
Hewlett Packard - PC's that never grow old
DEC - The wise move in Project Management
BNFL - Reassuring the public about nuclear waste
Pressure Tech - raising a manufacturer's profile
Ferranti - Cutting the cost of waging war 

Advertising Copywriting

Bluerow Lettings - see the movie, read the ad

MSI - Xperiment with your children
Commonwealth games - Putting Manchester on the map
Everton FC - Get your kit on!
Tidy Britain - Cleaning up the country
Mercedes Benz - You wait ages for a bus. Then 3 come at once
Kellogg's - A campaign that squares

Financial Copywriting

First Direct Bank - launching motor insurance
Co-operative Bank - hard-hitting mailing with 47% response conversion rate
Royal Bank of Scotland - cheque book Direct Mail for premium customers
Bradford & Bingley - telling it straight to Northern Rock customers

Easy Auto Enrol - warning accountants of big changes in pensions


Direct Mail

CO-OP BANK - hard-hitting mailing with 47% response conversion rate
FIRST DIRECT - launching motor insurance
DAYTIMER - strong proposition-led DM using appropriate psychology
COMPLETE - cash-laden brown envelopes for local authority buyers
RBS - cheque book DM for premium customers
REGIONAL RAILWAYS - changing attitudes towards leisure usage of railways
PETER HANNAVY - Classic DM sales letter online
NU-LIFE STONE CARE - Hard-hitting sales brochure for franchise opportunity