So you want Public Relations copywriting?

Press releases, longer features, brochures - they're all grist to my copywriting mill. In recent years I've writen a panoramic range of press material, for organisations ranging from healthcare providers to engineering companies.

I’ve also learned that while the ‘Five W's’ formula - Who, What, Where, When and Why - has its place, there's ample scope for creativity. A snappy headline, an intriguing introduction, a lively style, a fresh angle - they're all are key elements in writing effective publicity material.

Whether the style you're looking for is Sunday Times or Sunday Sport, Aberdeen Citizen or Architect's Journal, whether you want punchy press releases or engaging feature articles, online or offline, I can deliver.

For more evidence, click some samples now.

My PR raised their profile ...

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine - magazine feature
BNFL - editorial approach for vital national press public information campaign
Spire Murrayfield - 4 page press feature

CW Jobs - online feature to counter the recession in recruitment

Pressure Tech regulators - eye-catching press release and feature
Castle Homes - press feature introducing new product
Coldseal - press release featuring innovative new product