So you want a ghostwriter?

Once I ‘just' did copywriting - adverts in the papers, radio commercials, mailshots - that sort of stuff. Not knocking this at all - I still do these, and more besides. When the web took off, the previously rigid parameters became blurred and I became almost as much a journalist as a copywriter. Which brought a new level of satisfaction. Now I even pen a column in a monthly magazine.

However, hopefully it's understandable that inside many copywriters lurks a ‘real' writer looking to get out, at least once in a while. In this context, suffice to say that I also ‘do' books. Real, full-blown books, the kind you have to buy at Waterstone's or

In the last few years I've ghost-written books on subjects from diet, health and lifestyle to autobiography. It's very rewarding. And I'm positively eager for more commissions right now. ‘They' say everybody has a book in them somewhere. I'm not sure quite how correct ‘they' are on this one. Yet if you have an idea for a book but would like professional writing help to do it justice, please get in touch.

As ‘they' also say, I look forward to hearing from you.