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ITEM: Web site
CLIENT: Private web entrepreuner
OVERVIEW: Hard-hitting site, selling business concept staright off the e-page

Every month for the rest of your life

Dear friend,

It doesn’t get any better, does it? Credit card bills, car loans, mortgage, council tax – even the price of food these days. They just go up and up – while the money you make does less and less. And the hours you work for it grow longer and longer.

Fed up? I don’t blame you! But it doesn’t have to be like this …

I can show you how to break free of this vicious circle, and make the kind of money that will lift you out of this rut for good. What’s more, you don’t need any special experience, training or even money. In fact, you don’t even need to give up much of your time. You can start small, for a few hours a week, and build things up at a pace to suit you.

And the rewards? How does an extra £1,000 month sound? Or even £2,000 or £3,000? Each and every month – for the rest of your life? That’s enough to kick your bills and debts into touch, along with all that worrying about the future. And have plenty left over to pay for new clothes, meals out, holidays, stuff for the kids – all the things that put the ‘quality’ into your quality of life.

In truth, this is just a fraction of what you could make. Lots of people have become millionaires, some many times over, just by following the simple steps I’ll show you. And you’ve already taken the first one by coming to my web site.

Cash flows like a river

By now you’re wondering what sort of home-based business it is that needs of no formal training yet can deliver rewards to rival those of a City stockbroker. Well, there’s no secret. Just a tried and tested formula called direct response marketing. It’s a business where you can literally make a fortune and generate rivers of cash - without slaving over dusty textbooks, or working all the hours God sends, or committing yourself up to the hilt financially.

After all, I should know. I do it! Yet I was once a humble courier struggling to make ends meet. Not any more, I’m not! But realise that I’ve been where you are and know what it’s like to be stuck in a job with lousy pay and precious few prospects. Which is one reason I’d like to give you a hand out of there.

And remember, YOU DON’T NEED:

• Money. Leave your money in the bank – you can start for as little as £50! In fact, it’s good to start small, and spend more as you pick things up.
• Time. I usually do around an hour and a half - and spend most of the day on the golf course!! Working 8 hours a day now sounds ridiculous to me – and will do to you.
• Staff. You can work alone perfectly well, although you can bring others in if you want. I don’t, though, and it’s done me no harm.
• Offices. Working from your back room is fine. You have no overheads to commit to.
• Products. You don’t even need these! You’ll discover how to find lots of products the market wants that will make you money.

Perhaps best of all, you don’t need to SELL anything face-to-face – or even over the phone. In fact, you don’t need to sell as such to anyone. So forget about knocking on doors and having them shut in your face. Who wants that? Certainly not me – nor you, I shouldn’t wonder!

In direct marketing, the sales material does all the selling. And don’t worry about having copywriting or design experience. You’ll learn how to pick up all the tricks and tactics up from the experts, and how to produce highly effective material easily and without spending a fortune.

Beat Catch 22 – have the money and the time!

It goes without saying, then, that you want to make more money than you do right now. Lots of it, probably. Yet have you thought what you want it for? Money is only good for what it will do for you, and if you go and bury yourself building a business you won’t ever have the time to enjoy it. At least, you won’t until you retire –and by then you may not be able to do half the things you want to do anyway.

For many, it’s Catch 22. Either they work for themselves and don’t have a life. Or they work for someone else and can’t afford a life. But …

Do it this way and YOU’LL GET:

• All the money you need – now, next year, every year until you die.
• All the spare time you want – time to spend with your kids, on your hobbies, to take three or four holidays a year, just to chill out and relax.
• The freedom of being your own boss, with nobody else ‘on your case’ day and night.
• The flexibility to work when you want – at midnight if it suits you.
• The freedom to live where you want – in the country, even in another country altogether! It makes no difference in this business.
• The peace of mind of knowing you’ll never have to worry about money ever again for the rest of your life.
• All the tax breaks that go with running your own business.

As I’ve said, you can start slowly in your spare time, and build things up when you find your feet. There’s no need to pack everything in now and take a big leap into the unknown. Dip your toe in the water and see if it’s warm first. I did – and it is!

And remember, when you’re up and running you’ll be making money while you sleep!

Take the fast track to success

Just return the email below and I’ll send you a multi-media pack with all you need to get started. It’s easy to follow, yet packed with tips, tactics and strategies that have been proven to be effective the world over. Remember that this is knowledge that others have picked up the hard way, over many years, by trial and error. Yet you can enjoy the fruits of it from day one, and take the fast track to much better money – and a far more enjoyable life.

You will LEARN:

• The unique millionaire’s mindset that sets them apart from the vast majority who just wish.
• 7 steps to success that every millionaire knows.
• Hidden motivators that make people buy – and you wealthy!
• The all-important niche marketing strategy –– the reason why some businesses fly and others flounder.
• The magic ingredient or USP – and how to get it.
• Three Easy Steps to finding products that people actually want – the ones most businesses seem to ignore.
• The safe, easy way to success – it really is not that difficult if you obey a few simple principles we’ll show you.
• How to use your own hobbies to make you a fortune.
• The key strategy to make you money for years to come.
• Low cost advertising strategies that pull in money by the bucketload.
• Magic words that make millions – yet many professional advertising people seem to have forgotten.
• The magic number that means more profits – create a money machine.
• The all-important concept of leverage – how to multiply the money you make from doing the same thing.
• How to produce sales letters that really sell – secrets that can make ten times more money.
• Surprising facts – for example, did you know long letters outpulls short ones by a mile? Or that a higher price can often lead to more sales, not less? Or there’s a magic number that outperforms every other?

Stick with the status quo? Or succeed?

Follow these guidelines and you can hardly fail. Oh yeah, so why doesn’t everybody do it then, you say? For many reasons, really. Because they’re lazy! Or they can’t or won’t see the opportunity. Or they’re afraid to grasp it. Or they’re programmed, sadly, to accept their place in life. Or even they’re simply afraid to get rich. But you don’t have to be!

Plus the fact that this is now the first time all this knowledge has been available for people like you to pick up and run with, in such a convenient package. Or that the internet has made direct marketing more convenient and effective than ever before.

In truth, you now have two choices. You can carry on doing what you’re doing, getting by, making ends meet, scraping enough together for the odd holiday, trading in your car when it’s on its last legs, not being able to give your family the things you want to, feeling generally miserable but keep putting up with it all.

Or you can take the first step to transforming your life by ordering now. And getting yourself into something that can give you the money to live rather than exist, that’s enjoyable and satisfying, that costs you next to nothing to get started, that you can pick up in your spare time without burning your boats and can do right now form your back bedroom.

And the cost? As a special offer for a very limited period, I’m offering a full multi-media pack with 100 page book and 4 CD’s for just £97. That’s much less than you’d spend on a daily newspaper over a year – for something that could transform yours and your family’s lives for ever!

So what’s it to be?

To start changing your life for ever, simply email the order form, or telephone XXX YYYY.

Wishing you every success,


PS. I’m very confident that you’ll start making serious money quickly once you follow the guide in your pack. So confident that I’m offering you an unconditional guarantee. If you’re not delighted with the results after 30 days, simply return and I’ll refund your money in full!

PPS. I don’t know how I can offer this price much longer! Order now and make the most of this opportunity